Brochure Design

Brochure design incorporates a host of skills from art direction & styling with hired models, location scouting for the photoshoot. Production involves print sourcing & buying then actual layout design, collation of content & finally artworking for print.


Design ideas for development of website & main banners with a call to action. Also included are banner ads and graphics intended for social media platforms. Finally banners for use by members of an affiliate scheme designed to draw the eye on third-party sites.


Design, copywriting & production of advertising for any given space, whether it be a shop window, exhibition stand, a website or printed publication, followed by assessing the effectiveness of the campaign.


Packaging design is all about enhancing the product and increasing the perceived value to the customer. The following includes branding, art direction, typography & information graphics.

Branding & Logo Design

Design of company logos & sub brand logos, maintaining consistency creating a marque that is easily recognisable.

Fashion & Product Development

A diverse collection of skills. Photography, art direction & styling on photoshoots for use in print & digital media. Design for placement & pattern prints, including product design & development.