Ruanaich is the website and blog of Michael MacDonald. Hailing from the West coast of Scotland and passionate about the outdoors, I love camping, hiking, cycling and snowboarding.

A lover of nature and wildlife in particular, I recently completed a Future Learn/Open University course ‘Introduction to Ecosystems’ furthering an understanding of the world around us and the links between organisms and their surroundings. I’m also a long-standing member of the RSPB. Please join and help give nature a home.

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I love to make memories, photographs, graphics and more digital content influenced by the great outdoors. Message me if you’d like to make them with me.
You can follow my micro adventures on my blog.

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And what does Ruanaich mean? Well it’s the name of the house I grew up in. The name originates from Gaelic, but we are not sure of the true meaning. Many Scots Gaelic words were Anglicised or corrupted as they were written down. It could be a form of ‘Rannoch’, one translation could be ‘Steadfast’ which we like, as it makes sense for a house. Another is from a traveller’s branch of Gaelic which translates as ‘to say’ or ‘to speak’. Either way it’s unique, not always easy to remember, but it’s home.