Day 14: 2019

Glencoe Mountain Resort After missing Saturday’s pisted runs, I was determined to get up the hill early.  Forecasts for Sunday had been for a cloudier day with colder temperatures. Before taking the access lift I could see the clouds swiftly moving over the hill, it was pretty bright though with the sun breaking through. After […]

Blurb Instagram Books – Volumes 5 & 6

Printed photos beat digital Any Day This week I was pleased to take delivery of my latest Blurb Instagram Books – Volumes 5 & 6. I’ve mentioned them in the past, but Blurb as a great way to bring your digital photographs to life. Having them printed as a set of books also means I […]

Logo Development with Affinity Designer

As a jobbing graphic designer, I’ve been using Adobe’s Illustrator for well over 20 years to create vector graphics, logos and the like. While I still use an old version in my day job, using it at home has become untenable. I can stretch to £8 a month for the Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop subscription, […]