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One of my shots has been curated to VSCo selects. Hello to new followers on my VSCo Grid. 

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Glencoe to Loch Laggan

Car camping not snowboarding

Saturday 14 January 2017

Snow had swept across the country from Thursday and the media was full of all the usual apocalyptic snow stories. The winds that brought the snow had been particularly fierce on the high peaks, so I was already doubtful that there would be any uplift at Glencoe. Despite this, I decided on Friday night to pack a snowboard and clothing, along with full camera kit, my new laptop and my sleeping bag. If I couldn’t shred, I’d take snaps instead.
I woke early on Saturday, but still struggled to get out of bed. After a cup of tea and toast I was ready for the drive. So with car loaded I set off from sunny Glasgow. First stop, Braehead shopping centre to pick up a sleeve for my MacBook. All very efficient, I walked in, took two options off the wall and tried them on for size. As I was doing this a keen sales rep started quizzing me. “What do you do?”, “Graphics and a bit of photography” I replied. “Have you seen the northern lights?”, “Yes, last time in Arisaig”, “How do you spell that?”, and so on. Anyway, I need to be off…I pay using the app on my phone while he chats away, and leave with a polite “goodbye”. Continue reading