A Reason for RAW

Zebra RAW adjustment

I’m currently working on my first proper photo book. As ever procrastinating too much to get any personal project underway. The photos are from 2005 trip to Tanzania. You can read the Big Phat Diaries here if you haven’t  already.

Anyway, I just thought while (re)processing the images for the book I’d post an example of before and after shots showing the difference between a RAW file and the finished, processed article.

RAW may not look that great when you first view it, however it contains all the info you need to get the most from your photographs. Much more than Jpeg files.

RAW is much better to use when light is tricky, or when you want to recreate a memory of how you envisaged a scene, rather than how the camera wishes to record it.

The shot above was taken on my old Canon EOS 10D. The sun was low in the sky and adding some ‘heat’ to the dusty scene. I was able to pull the colour out of the RAW file in Apple Aperture.

Fingers crossed I can complete the image selection and processing in a weekend. Planning to try Blurb for self publishing. Looks like a nice platform. Stay tuned for the book.

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