Day 36: 2017/18

Glencoe Mountain Resort

Sunday started bright. At around 6:00am in the car park at Glencoe the sun was shining. However, right on cue, just before it was time for the access lift to open, the wind picked up and the rain started coming down.

I went to the cafe and had some breakfast while doing a bit of work on my laptop, at the same time, trying to decide if it was worth going up the hill. It was looking pretty bleak up there.

Rain on goggles
Rain covered goggles

Conditions on the hill

I decided since I’m here, I may as well go for day 36. The chairlift ride up was a soggy affair. It rained all the way to the top, but at least there was decent visibility.Although I took in a few laps of Mugs Alley the top of the mountain was the best place to ride.

It must have set up pretty cold during the night as their were some parts of Main Basin that were pretty firm. The rain persisted though and things started to soften up. Spring Run was good once you walked across the rocks strewn across the start.

Rainbow over Glen Etive
Looking East

There was barely anyone on the hill due to the forecast, so it was straight on to the lifts again.

Just after lunchtime, the rain at the top turned to snow. Hopefully this Devon over the days to come and provide a bit of a top up.

Top of Spring Run
Top of Spring Run

Was it worth it?

They say a bad day snowboarding at Coe is better than a good day in the office.

I had stayed the night sleeping in a vehicle with wet socks and boots (not to mention their accompanying odours).  Would I have done that if I didn’t think it was worth it? No way. 

I had suffered from a bit of a cold/cough and not feeling my best, but a weekend spent up at Glencoe was way better than moping around at home (or working).

Summit path
Summit path to Spring Run

Photography was a bit of a challenge too. Things were looking a bit driech and uninspiring, but I’m always determined to show things as they are. And when you experience the grim days, it makes you appreciate the good days all the more.

More Glencoe crevasses

Keep those fingers crossed for more snow, or at least a slow down to the thaw. Only two weekends left until the end of the season.

wrinkled fingers
Its bad enough my boots are leaking, but my gloves didn’t cut it today either.