Glencoe, 20th April 2014

Easter Sunday morning, yesterday had been great, but I was tired and woke up about 7.30. I checked the web cam to see there as a wonderful inversion at Glencoe. Cloudy down low, sunny up top. I decided to go up for a half day. The road up was busy. Loads of motorbikes and loony drivers were out. The sun was splitting the skies yet again. The snow is holding up, but the up track on the plateau was broken and a walk was in order. The sky was completely blue, no cloud at all and not a whisper of wind. I left the Flypaper alone and just messed about on the rest. Few people again on the hill but there was chilled vibe about the place. The hope is to open for weekends only and hope the punters attend in enough numbers to make it worthwhile staying open into May. Let’s hope the snow sticks around.