Glencoe 8 February 2011

A day off work to grab my second day of the season. A mix of bad timing and bad weather meant I’ve been desperate to get up to Coe. Tuesday 8th looked like the best day of the week on MWIS so grabbed the chance.

Although I was late to rise I still got the good part of a day up there. The last few days had been very windy with lots of precipitation. This fortunately meant that lots of soft snow was dumped onto of what had become slabs of solid ice.

Main basin started the day. I enjoyed some lovely lazy turns with a few gentle hits of the windlip.

I used my skitracks app for the first time so also went for a few timed runs down Etive Glades reaching 50kph.

The lovely wind packed powder meant Spring Run was a must and lo it was good.

Gentle winds and high cloud made for a great afternoon. It wasn’t cold, maybe around or just above zero.

I’ll try to publish my skitracks data. Not sure how it works yet.