Glencoe, April 5, 2008

Jonathan and myself left a bright cool Glasgow after a few failed attempts to get the company car rolling. We arrived at a blustery Coe with company banners and flags. The guys at Glencoe were very helpful, sorting passes, locating good spots for our banners around the ticket office and once on the hill the GPC & Legion guys helped us at the park.

Weather was changeable to say the least. Blue skies one minute, blizzards the next. The snow itself was changeable at first it was hard and choppy, but falling snow improved it slightly and lower down it was quite sugary. The wind picked up and visibility dropped as we dismantled the flags at the park.

There had been some snow loss in the past week because of a thaw, but in general there is still lots of coverage, you can still get right down to the Access chair.