Glencoe Friday 15th February 2013

Started of with a hint of rain falling, but the sun was trying to burn through. A light wind was moving the cloud on and by the time we were up the hill the sun was shining. The wind was warm and moist coming from the west and the snow was soft and springlike. I did a couple of runs with Yvonne down the plateau run practicing my backward riding before heading up the Cliffhanger and getting first tracks below the lift. This was may favourite run of the season so far, making me smile with buttery smooth snow.

We both headed up top and did a few runs down Happy Valley and Main Basin. As soon as the sun disappeared behind the mountain, the snow firmed up substantially.

A great day, looks like it will be a sunny week. Hope the snow holds out. Should be freezing each night.

Think this is my seventh day this season. Lots more to come I hope.

Cliffy Run – Meall a’ Bhùiridh from Michael MacDonald on Vimeo.