Glencoe, March 16, 2008

The same windpack powder was a bit choppy and harder this morning, however this started to soften enough to make for a great day. Sunny spells as the not so cold northerly wind whipped the clouds away. Generally good visibility. It looks like there will be plenty of the snowpack to last till the end of the season, maybe into May once again.

The rainbow rail has been dug out along with a few others. The snow has certainly buried many of the main features of the hill.The spring run once again proved excellent, bowing out convexly with the weight of snow its holding. What a beautiful day it was. Not as cold as predicted and the strong sun at times meant the old pit vents had to been undone at lower level. A few wee jumps were had on rollers and the bum hole at the bottom of the canyon. And full length runs from the top down spring run, main basin to canyon were all great fun on the abundant snow.