Glencoe, March 30, 2008

A grey start with rain in the car park. The snow was falling on the plateau but gradually dispersed and revealed great snow conditions all over the mountain. Irv and Ange arrived a bit late as they forgot the clocks went forward. Unfortunately they seemed to bring the wind with them. Visibility started to deteriorate, so we went to the cafe for a coffee. The sun immediately appeared and we finished our drinks only for the bad weather to be awaiting us on the hill once again.
No matter, at least the snow was coming down, topping up what Coe already has. Ange and Irve left and Deirdre and myself made the Spring Run our last of the day.

Although there was a bit of wind and wet snow, snow conditions themselves were excellent. Wet powder! If you can have such a thing – it is Scotland, so anything is possible. Needles to say, the sun poked out from the clouds as soon as we descended to the car park!