Glencoe, Saturday 20th April 2013

Was unsure whether the weather would work out. Gales were forecast at high level and Coe were not updating their Facebook page. Kept checking and it wasn’t looking good. I phoned and asked about the wind. “There is no wind” they said. I was in the car before you could say Spring Snow.

The car park was rammed full. Still didn’t stop me parking at the ticket office. This was down to a triathlon not skiers though.

The wind came to nothing and the clouds skimmed over with plenty of sunny spells.

The tops had beautiful smooth spring snow and the bottom of mugs alley is getting slushy but fun. Rannoch Glades was fantastic and the canyon was fun. A few queues at times at the rescue hut so messed about lower down between runs up top.

Been a great season which hopefully will keep going. It’s getting expensive though. I should have gambled on a season pass methinks.