Glencoe, Saturday 23 January 2010

No photo today I’m afraid, after driving all the way up last weekend for a half day and being chased away by the weather, I got up to Coe bright and early to make the most of fair conditions in the West.

Cairngorm was still being dug out as I drove up early taking care on very slippery roads.

It had been a cold night so once up the hill I found Mugs Alley, the run from Plateau to Cliffy very hard ice. Once up the top at Main Basin though, most of this was softer, Etive Glades too was very nice at the top. Spring Run however stayed in the shade and never really softened, but cover meant Thrombosis was available amongst the very wide coverage.

Conditions deteriorated a bit in the afternoon, only slight mist though. Calm winds and wide coverage with short queues meant everyone had a good day.

Still could do with a bit more depth though. I’m sure that will come though. It’s still early days for the season.