Glencoe Saturday 2nd February 2013

Some stormy conditions through the week gave way to lighter winds and the promise of sunshine. Saturday arrived and all was good. A slippy drive up Lomond side and close encounter with a Red Deer hind couldn’t stop us. The sun was out indeed and temps were cool. No wind to speak of, although we saw the remnants of a caravan that previously resided I’m the carpark scattered across the moor. A testament to the winds speed earlier in the week.

Because of the weather there were queues, the sun definitely brings out the fair weather skiers. Lots of faces I wouldn’t have seen on earlier trips this season. It’s all good though. Great to see Coe getting the attention it deserves.

The snow was grippy and stayed in good nick throughout the day. Main basin was great with Happy Vally providing motorway skiing. Mugs ally filled in a bit more but could always take some more snow.

The queues at the lifts were good natured and gave a chance for the legs to recover so spent the full day snowboarding without a break as such.

Because of the time of year the sum doesn’t shine directly on Etive NW aspect of the mountain, but conditions watered bright and cold.

A sign of how good the day was, was the fact there was a queue for the lift back down at the end of the day. Just like the good old days. Should be more snow on the way this week. Lets hope it just gets better for the rest of the season.