Glencoe, Sunday 7th February 2010

Headed up to Coe with Jonathan, they journey was overcast but due to brighten up. On approach to the ski hill you could see the profile of the mountain with small cap of cloud on top. The hope was for this to lift. The reality was that it would get thicker. Throughout the day it became more of a ‘white-mare’. But, the wind was non existent (the reason why it didn’t shift).

The snow however was great and we carefully picked our way down the main runs at the top as well as Mugs Alley. Spring Run and Flypaper were closed. No doubt to stop people wandering off the wrong side of the mountain. A distinct possibility. On the lifts you could not see as far as the next pylon. Soft snow and another win for me in the Kinder Surprise challenge although I did break mine eventually when I lent over to do my bindings.

From Glencoe 7 February 2010