Happy New Year 2007

Just recovering from the chemical effects of Hogmanay. We spent a few days over the New Year in Arran as guests of Elaine. (Thanks guys). With news of impending storms we took the earlier ferry over to Arran on the 30th December. The crossing was smooth and hassle free. As a precursor to the following night we partook in a few beverages in order to warm ourselves up.

Hogmanay started with howling winds and a bigger sea. A few more arrived for the nights event and the weather steadily grew worse. We heard that Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Belfast had all had their New Year celebrations cancelled due to the weather. However we still had hope, and new that the small community of Corrie on Arran would not let us down.

Early in the evening of the 31st, the power went down, it seemed like most of the island was out. The candles were broken out and lit up, we had a fire of sorts, but what would happen with the organised Hogmanay Ceilidh? We need not have worried. It was a bring your own bottle event anyhow and the locals ad rigged up a generator to power the amps for the band.

A good night was definitely had and saw us dancing into the new year.

We had to return to the mainland on the 2nd only to find out that the rough seas had come over the harbour wall at Ardrossan and damaged most of the cars that had been left at the ferry terminal. Not a good end unfortunately. Never underestimate the power of nature I suppose.

Still thanks to Elaine who put up with us – it was a great break.