Nevis Range


Day 10 of season 14/15. Nevis Range on Aonach Mor was the venue for the Scotskimeet. An Instagram inspired get together.
The drive up with Graeme was spectacular with mist and morning light putting on a show. Nevis Range is further up the west coast, beyond Fort William so this meant leaving quite a bit earlier and passing by Glencoe!
Once there, we introduced ourselves and made our way up the hill.
There was great cover with just the odd worn patch. Unfortunately the visibility was not so good.
We spent most of the day lapping the Summit run and Goose (a ski run, not the bird). The odd threat of sunshine hinting through the mist at the top.
Temperatures were a bit warmer. Probably getting above zero and the mist clung to everything, making us all very damp and soggy indeed.
We had a great time and there were no queues. Just a pity it was so hard to see.