Saturday 12th March 2011

A large storm system has brought blizzards once again to the Scottish mountains. Snow started falling even in Glasgow on the Friday night. On arrival at Glencoe snow was down to the car park.
Blizzards prevailed up the mountain with an icy blast accompanying it. Visibility was non existent and it was a day of sensory deprivation. The main basin was loaded with soft powder. Spring Run and Flypaper were closed due to avalanche conditions.
On my last visit snow levels had dropped significantly and the season didn’t look like it had long left. Today however has seen the whole ski area revived.
The Bunny Run was fantastic. Very deep and great for slashing the pow. Visibility was so poor I commented on being close to a small cliff only to immediately to fall down it.
Many folk were taking runs down to the car park. But at the end of the day, tired legs and whiteout conditions we decided to take the chair.
I was told of a wide run out to the right of Mugs Alley that goes far out all the way down to the base. Must try it if I get the chance again.
The next day I wasn’t up, but the website showed that the snow hadn’t stopped falling. Piste bashers in the car park and about two feet of snow on the roofs. It looks like the season has been breathed once again back to life.