Winter Reset: Day 3

Starting again in 2020

After a week of hype on social media, the fact was very different to the predicted forecasts of one metre, half a metre and polar vortexes. 

I had decided, with all these predictions to have a long weekend. Taking Friday and Monday off work to really kickstart this season. By Thursday though I’d already cancelled the Monday off and watched the webcams as the warmer than expected wind actually seems to strip some of the snow off the hill. My only hope was for some more overnight snow.

Hiking for fresh snow
Hiking for fresh

Conditions on the hill

Unfortunately the storms that did bring a ton of snow, also brought with them high speed winds that have scoured the high tops. This means only the leeward side of the snow fences and some gullies managed to hold on to the snow. The rain and sleet experienced in the carpark turned to snow on the chair. 

Sun behind ski lift
Sunny spells teasing through snow squalls
Glencoe Cafe
Stopping at the Cafe for a break
Looking through window at snowy scene
Looking out of the mountain cafe

I took a pretty windy and soggy chair up late in the morning and was happy to see the uptrack on the Plateau was in decent shape.

The squalls came and went, there was no sustained snowfall, as broken cloud scudded overhead. Occasional sunny spells poked through too. Overall visibility was pretty good. 

Looking up the hill

Temperatures seemed to be sitting just below zero and the snow that was there looked like staying put. It looks like at least a base is being layed down and hopefully more substantial snowfall will come soon and land on good foundations.

Michael MacDonald Snowboarding
Hello there!
Mugs Alley
Skinning up Mugs Alley

Still Early Days

I exhausted the Plateau Runs and decided to take a short hike. Nothing big at all, just level with the rescue hut. It gave me a feel for what may be available elsewhere. Some drifted patches with concealed ice-bombs. I came across icy patches that gave way to crusted-over powdery areas before making it down to the Plateau once more.

Snowboarders at Glencoe
Lots of Plateau runs

There was a handful of people up the hill. Not too bad considering the earlier weather and it was a Friday. 

I left the hill at the end of the day with wind picking up again and heavier snow falling. Fingers crossed this will improve things for Saturday. We could all do with a break.

Some of the best seasons have not started till February, so there is no room for despondency. Let’s hope the snow gods deliver soon though.

the top of the mountain and ski tow gulley
Looking up to the rescue hut and ski tow gulley
Chairlift at Glencoe Mountain Resort
More snow started falling as I left the hill