Cairngorm Saturday 13th March

Looking forward to making the most of the vast snow coverage that Cairngorm was boasting. However the high winds and low visibility put paid to that. Most of the lifts in Corrie na Ciste were closed but we did make it down the Ciste Gully / East Wall and made use of the Day Lodge Poma (which I had never seen run before). Most of the day was spent on the M1 and White Lady. Plenty of millage under my board but white out conditions prevented full exploration. Whole are was covered apart from the very top of Ciste which is flat anyway. Did want to try a bit more freestyle jumps etc but super firm conditions and high speed cruising were the order of the day.

The M1 Poma really took its toll. Rutted conditions and a brutal take off meant I was riding on tired legs for much of the day.

A full day was had on the slopes by 8:30 and almost last lift around 4:30 so not bad at all.