Cairngorm Sunday 14th March

Second day on the Gorm and if anything the weather had worsened. More white-mare conditions and I had not fully recovered from the beating the M1 Poma had given me the day before. More cruising was had although slightly more subdued. Tried to make it to the Ciste Gully, but visibility and wind so bad that we found ourselves once again on the White Lady. Much the same snow as the day before and much more tired. Had a couple of runs on the East Wall of the Lady, which was soft and the nearest thing to powder. Turning around the odd little tree poking out of the snow. The lifts seemed even more brutal today, with all but a few lifting me off the ground. This was compounded by the fact I didn’t have a stomp pad on my new board.

I must say I was glad to see the back of the M1 Poma on the home run back to base, but at least did make the most of the weekend.

No photos as there was nothing to see!