Day 10: 2017/18

Glencoe Mountain Resort

The wind was an unknown factor before leaving. I was up at 5:30 but the weather report at was yet to update. By 7:30 I should have gone, but it was announced a decision would be made at 8:30, but by 8:10 it was decided Glencoe Mountain Resort would open. I jumped in the car, leaving Glasgow I’d get there around 10:00. The weather on the way was bright with some passing snow showers.

Once on the hill, slightly later than usual, It was clear that the Cliffy chair couldn’t run due to the wind. All other lifts were running so I went straight to the top making the most of all that fresh snow that was blowing over in the very fresh winds. Conditions were above and beyond what I’d expected.

the Wall T-bar

Conditions on the hill

The wind came and went and the temperature felt like it was around -6 or -7 celsius. Due to my late arrival, Main Basin was chopped up but still soft. I did manage to find the odd patch of refreshed wind packed powder gliding over the odd icy patch.

Happy Valley got done when I noticed it had been groomed. Down to the Narrows and on to the Wall for some steeper turns then on to the T-bar to the top once again.

There were some queue since the Cliffy was not running, but not too long to wait.

I was loving the fresh snow in Ski Tow Gully, skiers left of the lift. This dropped you down to the rescue hut and straight back onto the lift.

Top T-bar to Main Basin

Looking towards the summit at Glencoe

A Deterioration in the Afternoon

The weather was predicted to get worse as the day went on. It had already been much better than I could have hoped for. The morning’s wind didn’t inhibit the runs, but in the afternoon, visibility started to go. Spindrift whipping across the space in front of you inducing vertigo or motion sickness. A Glencoe Whitemare.

Glencoe whitemare Looking up Mugs Alley

I was happy with the day I’d had. Fantastic snow and even some blue skies. Chatting to familiar faces and my knee was improving.

I dropped down to the Cafe for a coffee, when everything seemed to go South. The mountain disappeared. Some poor chap took ill in the queue and had to be treated by ski patrol, then someone skied into the back of me in a lift line, knocking me to the ground.

I decided with all this bad juju, I’d make my last run down the Plateau run and onto the access lift. The snow was getting heavier and the carpark had received a centimetre or two, so it was homeward bound for me.

Looking Forward to the rest of the snowboard season

With all this snow, things are looking up. My season pass has now paid for itself. So, from now on, it’s all gravy. With more snow predicted for the week ahead and days still to take from work it’s looking good for me at Glencoe. See you there I hope.

Piste basher behind queue of skiers

Glencoe Pisten Bulley