Day 12: 2019

Glencoe Mountain Resort

A mild night gave way to another misty morning. MWIS had forecast that the mist would clear from the tops leading to widespread sunny spells. Everything was crossed for this to come true, but as is often the case, once the flag sets in, it sticks. The good news was, it was dry.

cloudy mountain top
Heading into the clouds.
Chairlift to heaven.

Conditions on the Hill

The day started with a walk across the Plateau and a ride up the Cliffy through the mist to Main Basin for the days proceedings.

The snow was still good and was even smoother than the dat before, thanks to some good pisting. And as before, there was no queuing at all. Main basin was the only open run, but the snow was wide and plentiful. No major sharks or rocks to contend with, so the lack of visibility was not so much of an issue. 

Not having much to photograph means you’ll have to put up with this.

On a couple of occasions I was sure that the sky was brightening, but to no avail. The white out may have been playing tricks on me.

Despite the mist, there was still a good vibe around the hill.

Main Basin T-bar.

Back to Basics

I’d brought up my twin board and adjusted my bindings with forward lean as I had with my other ones the day before.

These bindings are Union Contact Pros and a few years old. As soon as I took off on the board I felt the high backs click back into the vertical position. This was not good. I think I need to find some spare parts. However I persisted with the original settings.

snowboarding at Glencoe
Riding in the clouds at Glencoe.

I decided today would be another day of self improvement. After a bit of coaxing I decided to practice a bit of switch riding. I’ve been neglecting practicing this which means I always fall back in to riding right foot forward most of the time. So I switched this up today and did a few laps riding backwards, by the end of the day I was getting a bit more comfortable and without too many mishaps.

riding switch
Practicing my abysmal switch riding

Just like heaven (Credit: Conor)

Having spent the weekend riding in the clouds I’m sorely tempted to throw a sickie for the next few days. Monday  was looking good on the forecast. Unfortunately I have a few big projects on this week at work so no more fun for me until the weekend. 

It looks like the week ahead will get colder so the snow should stick around and hopefully the high pressure building will mean good weekend weather. 

If so, see you then.

T-bar in the mist.
Main Basin T-bar.