End of my season 2008

Well it has been a great season, but Nevis Range has decided not to open this weekend so I think I have to concede defeat and realise I’m not going to beat my record season. I was only 3 visits away! I shouldn’t be grumbling but I must admit that as I type this there is a rising ebb of depression. Don’t know how I’ll cope this coming summer. You can never have too much of a good thing. Its just unfortunate the Scottish resorts don’t get to much of the paying visitor. Snow definitely wasn’t a problem and the amount of blue sky days was also unprecedented.

Let’s keep fingers crossed for next season. Hopefully the resorts will be as lucky and provide the wonderful playground they have this past season. For those of you with strong legs and a true passion for sliding on snow, there are plenty of patches left on the hill. I may just have to resort to a few hikes myself. Coe’s stash could be there well into the summer, depending on how much rain falls between now and then, Anyway, until next time.