Glasgow Xscape, Tuesday 14th November 2006

My second venture on to man-made indoor snow, this time at the new Glasgow Braehead Xscape. £21 for an hour of snowboarding is very steep, unlike the slope. Although it wasn’t overly busy, only one lift was running. This slowed uptake and means less runs.

It’s hard to tell yourself to slow down and make the most of the short slope. If you’re used to the full mountain it is easy to find yourself flying down hill at full speed. This is a bit of a waste as the slope is more suited to practicing your flat land skills – mental note for next time.

Base was quite hard with sluff on top. Some type of ramp was hauled out at night but was little more than an artificia bump on the slope. Altogether good fun. Price keeps numbers away (maybe a good thing). Good for a warm up to the season unfortunately the views are missing. What do you expect for a big fridge in the middle of Glasgow?