NEW ORDER, Glasgow Carling Academy

For me this was the first time since 1989 I’d seen the icons that are New Order. Fanatical about them then, I wondered would they still have it all these years later. I love their latest albums so I had no reason to doubt – they still have it.

It was a slightly quiet start from the crowd’s point of view, opening with Crystal, but it wasn’t long before the audience warmed up. Regret and Temptation really got everyone going and a sprinkling of Joy Division went down really well. They gave a great rendition of JD’s ‘These Days’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ sent shivers up my spine.

Stephen on drums hasn’t changed a bit, pounding away like a human drum machine, new guy Phil adds a nice touch with his guitar, Bernard’s voice has improved no end and seems to enjoy himself more, even if he’s looking a bit portly. But its Hooky who owns the stage, strutting from side to side lapping up the audience approval of his soaring bass.

The venue was great and the mix of tunes was ideal starting with recent guitar based numbers and the second half made up of older dancy tunes and as mentioned a good dose of Joy Division throughout.

It’s good to see them making the most of their music history. Joy Division should be heard today not locked away as a recorded archive. I didn’t think I would have said this before, but after jumping to ‘These Days’ and being lifted by ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, I’ve changed my mind.

Joy Division / New Order still have it.