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Summit to Plateau coverage

Day 13 of Scottish season 14/15. Wow, it seems like an eternity. I’m glad to be back on Scottish snow. A weeks holiday means I miss three weekends at home, but the snow is still here and I’m glad it is as I’ll miss next weekend to due to other commitments. 

Today was utterly beautiful, with no wind and stunning blue skies. The snow softened up nicely, although remained crispy at a few points. I made the mistake of trying Etive a Glades as a guy on the lift told me they were good. Either he was mistaken, or he was having a laugh as they were quite thin and still boiler plate. 

Temperatures were on the warm side with many riding in t-shirts. I took the opportunity to have a long lunch on the sun deck at the Plateau Café, as did many others. It was a chilled kind of day. 

The middle of Main Basin was lovely and a bit choppy and Spring Run came into its own in the afternoon. 

The equinox has been and gone so it’s now officially Spring. Hopefully we’ll get a splash more snow, then many more sunny Spring conditions for the remainder of the season.