glencoe rescue hut
Great snow to be had above the Rescue Hut at Glencoe.

Day 14 of Scottish season 14/15. I have Friday off work as I have a weekend away in Campbeltown. I decide to take a detour via Glencoe for a morning of snowboarding. 

As I turn in to the ski area, Location Scotland have a film crew here and there is a helicopter flying around with camera on the nose, I wonder what they are filming?  

Once up there, the fresh snow is amazing. I spend the whole time in Main Basin in the thick buttery powder. Overhead is lead grey, but visibility is clear enough to enjoy it. 

I really did make the right choice. I left the beautiful snow conditions to drive down the Kintyre peninsula and what a drive it was. As the sun was getting lower in the west it was backlighting the rolling waves that make this place popular with surfers. It’s hard to beat the west of Scotland! I am biased, but I really do love these landscapes, from mountain to shore.  

Jura in the distance – Can you belive this was shot the same day as the shot above?