Glencoe Mountain Resort
Snow was falling at all levels

Day 15 of Scottish season 14/15. Just an afternoon, but worth it. The drive was an adventure in itself. Leaving from Campbeltown there was a white dusting on the hills in the morning. I left just after 10:00 a.m., it would take over 3 hours to get to Coe, but I was keen to make the most of my days off. Tomorrow wasn’t looking so good according to the weather report. I pulled in after an hour at Tarbert as I could get a wifi signal at the harbour. Glencoe had received a dump of snow and it was waiting on me!

The Kintyre peninsula is mostly at sea level, but as the road gained altitude, there was a dusting of hail and the odd snow flurry. Once passed Inveraray, the snow on the ground became more obvious. By the time I was in Tyndrum, there was snow all around. 

On approaching the ski hill, it was obvious that visibility would be minimal. It was snowing heavily in the carpark and I was in two minds whether to go up the hill or not as it was quite late. 

After a little more procrastinating, I bit the bullet and made for the chairlift. The hill was quiet and the ski school were descending as I was going up. There was a ghost town feel to the place. It was a Monday after all. 

No one was at the Wall T-bar, I went up. No one was at the Main Basin T-bar, I went up anyway. I could see some lonely figures through the mist. At least I wasn’t alone. 

There was a bit of wind and snow was still falling. Once strapped in at the summit, I dropped in to Main Basin. The silence was stunning, deep powder snow and that wonderful bouncy feeling you get made the journey worth while. 

With only the occasional passer-by I was often the only person riding the top of the hill, a surreal and slightly uneasy feeling, but the joy of riding the powder far outweighed any negatives. 

I did have to use my radar at points and even descending Thrombosis I lost all sensation and slipped a couple of times, finishing off down the Plateau run, the snow got wetter and once on the chairlift down, it started getting quite wet. 

What an afternoon. I’m hoping this snow sticks around. The current forecast is saying next weekend will have low wind speeds. If the snow keeps falling as predicted, then it could be ‘All time’ best conditions! Winter is not over!

deep powder at Glencoe
Deep deep powder in Main Basin