hiking with snowboard
Arriving at the top of Spring Run
Day 19 of Scottish season 14/15. A slight haze in the morning as I left Glasgow. I’d spent the day before working outside on the East coast at Elie beach. The skies were blue all day and Saturday was set to be the same. By the time I was at the top end of Loch Lomond the sun was blazing. 

There was a pleasant buzz round Glencoe today. 2 events were taking place, a freestyle jam in Main Basin and a ski race held in Happy Valley. Despite this queues were still tolerable. 

After the access lift the Platea Poma was still running, with enough snow for uplift, but not enough for beginners or return at the end of the day, but it’s an easy walk down.

I came up the hill without a jacket the sun was so hot. A base layer Tee and hoody was fine. I even got rid of gloves after an hour or so. 

Mugs Alley is still complete, with some wear towards the bottom in very wet snow. The Wall and Main Basin are getting lumpy with spring snow and the beginnings of moguls starting to form. Once the sun has been on the slope for a while though the snow is so soft you can bash through the lumps fairly easily.

Happy Valley was unavailable due to the ski racing today, The canyon is still full, with the odd crevasse starting to open up. The same is true for Spring Run. Due to less ski traffic, there is less mogul forming action. The left side still offers beautiful steeper runs on smooth spring snow bringing you out at Mugs Alley, especially if you cross over to Near the bottom further to the left. 

Lots of t-shirts on the slopes and red faces with smiles. The DJ was sending out good vibes from the sun deck at the cafe where folk chilled and sunbathed. Overhead paragliders were spiralling in the blue sky. 

At the end of the day it looked like a lot of people were staying. Either in camper vans or in their tents. The atmospher in the carpark was brilliant, with sun shining and people swapping stories. I actually stayed a while and soaked up a little more late day sun.

Tomorrow looks like more of the same as high pressure hangs around.