Glencoe 17th December 2011

A crisp cold day and the mains power is back on at Glencoe after a week of blackout conditions caused by Hurricane Bawbag. The plateau poma was still off, but the walk is a good warm up. The snow underfoot was wind packed powder which was all the way down to the carpark. Mugs alley was well filled in and spent most of our Time. I was playing around on a shorter board than I’m used to which was fun. Very light too. It was a sample I designed at work but it won’t see production. It’s early in the season and nice to be up before Christmas but that means it gets dark earlier, so it was quite surreal especially with dark goggles on.

Conditions were great. -3 plus windchill meant the snow stayed in shape. Main Basin filling nicely. Etive Glades is still rocky, as is Rannoch Glades. Graeme and I didn’t bother with Spring Run or The Wall. Plenty of chances in the season ahead I hope. Blue skies and fresh snow with little or no wind. You couldn’t ask for a better start.