Day 21 of Scottish season 14/15. More snow had been forecast in the lead up to the weekend. This didn’t really amount to anything though. But neither did the wind that was predicted so that was a plus. 

The Plateau Poma up track was broken, so a hike up to the Cliffhanger was necessary. 

The colder temperatures meant the that higher up, the snow was less slushy than lower down. Main Basin had been pisted thankfully as the weeks slush had been building up to become a mogul field. 

Spent all day in Main Basin. Towards the end of day trying a few of the jumps that had been built. 

No queues to speak of so continuous laps of the upper slopes were often and many. 

Didn’t manage Spring Run today which I hope I don’t regret as I always like to make this my last run of the season. 

The forecast at the moment is showing snowfall all week at Glencoe Mountain Resort. All being well this won’t be my last trip this season. If I get up next weekend, I hope to finish this season of assisted uplift with a flourish. I wasn’t happy with my last run today so don’t wish that to be my sign-off for the season.  

As today proved with decent weather, the forecast can never guarantee conditions but I hope to post again next week. I would go up tomorrow, but workload dictates otherwise unfortunately.