A typical Glencoe ‘Whitemare’
Day 22 of Scottish season 14/15. Commitments at work meant I had no way to take a day midweek when sunshine and powder snow prevailed. So Saturday 2nd May looks like my last day of snowboarding with lift assisted uplift. There had been substantial snowfall and the mountain was looking as white as it ever had. 

Having left sunny Cardross in the morning the weather closed in as predicted north of Loch Lomond. Although the top of the ski hill was visible on approach, the cloud was skipping throu from the east rather rapidly. So once up the hill, visibility came and went. It was pretty cold but thankfully not as windy as had been predicted. 

Stayed in Main Basin as the wall and Mugs ally were a bit scrappy, but once again I missed the opportunity to take in the Spring run.  Main Basin had been groomed previously  so no bumps to worry about which left you to  shred without a care even when the visibility was down to zero, as often happened with spindrift and snow falling  intermittently.

The snow on the upper mountain was as plentiful as it had ever been. Only Etive Glades, Mugs Alley and the Plateau were closed. It seems such a shame that they have to close uplift due to lack of paying customers, not lack of snow. There had been a news report the day before, and from the number of cars in the carpark, it obvious most people have to be told there is snow. It was a weekend holiday also, but as it turned out, most people didn’t seem to be on the upper mountain as queues were quick to move and no long wait. 

So that looks like it for the 2015 season. It has been one of the best ever. I definitely made the correct decision when it came to buying a season pass. Not only has it saved a ton of cash, but it has encouraged me to get out more, also no need to wait in queues at the ticket office, so quicker access up the hill.  

22 days on the hill is a record for me, but with the amount of snow still on the hill there is potential for a few more days hiking it. I may even take a hike on my birthday in a few weeks! There is more snow than last year at this time, and I hike on midsummer then. 

Until next time, that’s the snowboard blog posts done for the season.