Scottish Highlands
Highland stag strikes a pose outside the Clachaig, Glencoe.
Day 3 of Scottish Season 15/16. January was seen off with a trip on Saturday through blizzards on Rannoch Moor and an evening of dinner and drinks at the Clachaig Inn. On arrival we took a short crepuscular stroll around to signal rock then went to the bar for drinks and a hearty meal. 
The in-house entertainment kept the busy crowd happy with old classics. He also announce that the snow gates were closed. Fingers crossed that the mountain was getting plastered. 

After wild weather the day before, Sunday dawned to still conditions and we made our way the short distance to Glencoe Mountain Resort. 

The road was clear and a good number of people were already filling the car park. On arrival we were told that the Wall t-bar was off as well as the Main Basin t-bar, both had been de-railed in the storms. To add to this, the Cliffhanger chairlift was out of commission due to running repairs on the bearings. This didn’t leave us with much. Two beginners tows and the Plateau to play on. 

After a few warm up runs, we took the Car Park run down to the bottom. It was a bit of a challenge on wind scoured snow and poor visibility but pretty good fun. 

As we got back up to the plateau, the lifties had worked their magic and had the Wall lift running again, so we made for there. The face of the Wall had great snow on its steeper face. Back up the Wall and we saw that the Main Basin lift was running, so at last we could make it to the summit.  

The very top had suffered from scouring and had lost a bit of snow, but the Main Basin had plenty of soft stuff, with pockets of powder. Just look out for those surprise ice patches and little rocks showing through. 

It was a bit misty and light was poor. But had a great time. Much better than had been promised at the ticket office. 

The Glencoe crew definitely pulled out all the stops to get things up and running. Considering Sunday was bookended by winter storms, the day was well worth facing the blizzard. 

Ghost Volcano
Millions of years ago this place was a super volcano
main basin glencoe
Main Basin at Glencoe Mountain Resort