Scottish ski club hut
The Scottish Ski Club hut, mid mountain

Day 2 of Scottish Season 15/16. Sunday morning lay deep and crisp and even. Unfortunately that was in Glasgow. The roads were actually better though than the previous evening and I did manage to make a slightly earlier start to the day.

Sunday promised to be slightly better, and indeed, visibility on the upper part of the mountain was much improved on the previous day. Conditions hadn’t changed too much. A sprinkling of snow helped a touch, but the visibility do mean you could attack the hill a bit more. As well as Main Basin, I spent a bit of time on the steeper parts of The Wall, even though there was still no T-bar running. Happy valley offered great riding and good views across to the Buachaille. The carpark had filled by 11:30, but there were still no queues to speak of. Timing a lunch break a bit early meant I managed to avoid the rush then get back to the top while everyone else seemed to be eating. It was World Snow Day at Glencoe Mountain Resort, with families playing on sledges and competitive igloo building.

It was a bit colder than the previous day, with the wind coming from the east, but it stayed bright and the snow is holding true.

There is talk of milder conditions returning by the end of the week though, but hopefully the will be some snow included in that forecast. Fingers crossed.

Refuelling at Glencoe Mountain
Refuelling at Glencoe Mountain Resort
Glencoe cafe
Stunning views from the cafe.