Glencoe 3rd April 2010

Had car for Saturday, but not Sunday, although Sunday did look the better. Driving up through the rain things looked gloomy. There had been good snowfall during the week and the base had filled in giving a much needed top-up. Overhead conditions were grim. As was becoming familiar with Glencoe this season visibility was zero. Usually optimistic ticket office staff predicted it would clear up. I new better though. Once the mist has a hold here, it rarely lets go. Snow was great however. A few runs at the top did not provide much in the way of fun, so I decided to stay low and shred around Mug’s Alley. It wasn’t too busy, despite the Easter Holiday. Towards the end of the day snow returned, low down it was very wet and mixed with rain. Hopefully we’ll see what’s left hang on till May, but temperatures are due to increase so we’ll have to wait and see if we get some of those classic sunny spring days at Glencoe.