Day 4 of season 14/15. First slide of the new year. There seemed to be a few different weather reports floating around. Winter Highland was predicting high winds, but the main Met office report and Glencoe themselves seemed sure it was going to be bright and still. Since I was on my own and with a season ticket there isn’t the urgency to get up there so I waited for a full report. They wouldn’t be opening till 10:00 anyway.
The car park was busy and reports were that sharp edges would be needed for the top part of the mountain. It was indeed cold with hard snow but it was bright and sunny thankfully.
Mugs Alley was only a means to an end, to get the Cliffhanger Chair since the Wall T-bar was off. Once up in the Main Basin the snow was very pleasant. Wind packed soft snow with just the odd bit of ice showing at the very top.
I made this the only real area of activity since all other areas were scraped and a bit unpleasant. I didn’t use the Wall or the Spring Run and only used the Plateau to return.
It was around -1 and it’s looking white, but seriously needs some depth.
It wasn’t particularly busy and I wasn’t waiting in any queues. There have been a few skier days during the festive break so its not a bad start to the season.
I’m nursing the beginnings of a cold so have headed into the cafe for a hot coffee and a bite to eat. I hope the small amount of exercise will vanquish this virus! Roll on 2015, what do you have to offer?