Day 25 of Scottish season 15/16. It was a slow start. Feeling tired now and the weather wasn’t looking particularly promising. Today was to be a second day for the World Freeride Qualifiers, but from what I could see on the webcams there would be no action near the Flypaper. It was truly clogged in so I decided to leave the camera bag at home. I left glasgow about 8:30 and drove up under a leaden sky. On arrival, the mountain was still hidden in mist. I had breakfast in the Cafe Ossian amongst the competitors waiting to hear if the competition would continue. The forecast was for the mist to lift, but it was taking its time. 

I decided to take myself up the hill after 11:00 and make the most of a quiet hill. Although it had been drizzling it was now dry and the snow was OK. The higher you went, the better the snow. I really enjoyed Happy Valley and the mist was lifting. It just ski,med the summit and as the afternoon went on, the sun slowly burned through. 

The snow has held up well, but the lower beginners slopes are showing wear and tear. Apparently there is more snow due midweek, but they said that before this weekend and it never materialised. It is to get cold though and that should help preserve the snow. 

I’m keen to get five more days at least this season. That would take me to thirty days on Scottish snow. Fingers crossed!