Etive Glades
First tracks in Etive Glades

Day 26 of Scottish season 15/16. Forecast to snow today and there had been some overnight so was looking forward to freshies. There had been snowfall, but the only cloud in sight seemed to cover the summit of the ski hill. I was early up the access chair and once up to the top I soon realised the view from below had been deceptive. It was clear with banks of cloud below and to the east. There were tracks spoiling the white canvas of fresh, clearly not early enough. I made my way to Etive Glades which had been closed but I thought even the early birds wouldn’t have checked this little used run. I was greeted with my prize of an untouched piste. The were sharks lurking and once you get your eye in you can kind of tell where the sharp granite teeth lie in wait. The price you pay with a fresh snowfall in Scotland is a few nibbles out of your board. Well worth it though. Once I’d made my mark here, no need to return as it would soon be tracked out. I then made my way over to Spring Run but I was late to that party and although still good sport it had been well used by now. 

Most of the higher runs had small patches of fresh that you could slash. But as the day went in these became rarer and rarer. 

I spent a short while taking in the views and some photos before making my way back down. Mugs Alley upwards is still in fantastic shape with plenty of snow. However the Low Road return is now incomplete and I had to take my board off and walk to the chair. I think the Plateau Run can still be used for now. 

But the big story of the day was the weather. The sun shone most of the day with just intermittent cloud. Can’t complain about that, especially when we received some fresh snow during the night. 

Temperatures were above freezing but as mentioned before, the snow is holding up well. Tomorrow is meant to be sunny, but who knows what the weather will do. The record breaking season continues! 

Stob Gabhar
Stob Gabhar