top tbar queu
Holiday weekend queues moved quickly
Day 32 of Scottish season 15/16. Glasgow was bright and sunny in the morning and the hill looked bright on the webcams before leaving. Once on the hill the though snow clouds started rolling in again sending flurries down from a grey sky with occasional blue patches and bright spells. 

Fresh snow had been fallen during the week and over night so coverage had improved. There was plenty on the upper mountain anyway. As it was a holiday weekend the carpark was busy but not too bad on the hill. The only disappointment was the closure of the wall t-bar. This meant everyone going to the upper mountain had to take the Cliffhanger chair and walk to the to the rescue hut. 

I had to make the most of today as it could be my last of the season. Tomorrow (Sunday) as well as the holiday Monday are looking marginal as far as the weather is concerned. 

There was a bit of a chill in the air all day. It had been snowing in Glasgow days before and the whole country was feeling it. I think the snow in the towns had also sparked interest amongst the masses, hence the longer lift queues. These do move fairly rapidly though and we are never left waiting too long. 

The snow was great and I was jumping off the summit cat track as well as the t-bar track into main basin. Spring run was OK, but I missed out the bottom and cut back across to the summit lifts to avoid Mugs Alley for now. 

The sun started to make more of an appearance towards the end of the day and temperatures were on the rise. 

What will tomorrow bring? High winds or benign breezes! 

Main Basin
Looking up towards Main Basin