Day 5 of season 14/15. Rising up on to Rannoch Moor around 9:30 I was met with a traffic jam. -7 outside and the road had been relatively good. Snow all around and the mountain gleaming in winter sunshine.
The cars were not moving and people were getting out. I asked the guys from the car in front as they seemed to be in touch with someone. They said the queue was for the ski hill and that the access road had not been cleared. I wasn’t sure about this as I could see people going up in the chairlift. Cars stretched as far as you could see. This looked unreal, slightly dangerous should the weather turn. The mist rolled in the low points and the sun moved around the hill. 10:48 and I’m still sitting in the car, the turn off just coming into view. Cars are slowly creeping up the access road. I’ve no idea what’s going on.
All I know is there’s a ton of snow on the hill and I’m sitting in the car. I don’t even know if I’ll get there as the car park is filling up. Some folk are parking in passing places in the access road and walking up. It’s not looking good.
Parked side of A82. Car park only open to 4 Wheel drive I’m told. So another 20 minute hike up the access road and I’m at the main lift. Hungry and thirsty I’d decide to head up anyway and try for the mountain cafe. I’ll probably regret it. Conditions on the way up look amazing though. Blue skies and no wind.
The top lifts did not run today so it was a combination of the Wall and Mugs Alley but the cream of the crop was the wide route down to the car park. Coming off the Low Road it’s not steep, but the wind packed powder was deep.
So despite the struggles of this morning, the weather was great and the snow was good.
Hopefully this has laid the foundations for a long lasting base.
So the rules are, if it snows in town then get up here quick sharp.