Day 11 of season 14/15. Saturday promised some sunny spells. However the morning was pretty grey looking. I got to the hill early, before 8:30 and the clouds did start to lift and the sun broke through. It was a fleeting visit however. I managed to get 3 or 4 runs in Main Basin while in sunshine, then the cloud rolled in for good.
Snow conditions up top were fantastic, but lower down the slopes had thawed and frozen overnight meaning sharp edges were the order of the day here.
Unfortunately as I started my day, this hard packed ice didn’t mix well with my new bindings. Or should I say my new bindings don’t look as if they were made to cope with real world condition. The ice took a layer off my toe straps as I carved on my toe-side. I have contacted Union to see if they can help. Fingers crossed!
The rest of the day went well. Staying mostly in Main Basin, the queue was manageable but the visibility really left a lot to be desired.
This does see in day 9 at Glencoe and I have now covered the cost of my season pass.
Now we just need some fresh snowfall to top things up. Things are starting to look a bit patchy and there may be a bit of a thaw on the way. Time to start that snow dance.