Glencoe, Monday 1st May, 2006

Conditions a bit more variable today. So much so Coe actually received a couple of feet of snow the night before! This is also the first time I’ve ridden Coe in May (previously Nevis Rage was the only location boasting this fact). What had been a brown lower half of the hill had been transformed back into white. Unfortunately the lower half was still largely un-ridable. The top however, even with poor visibility had great fluffy conditions. There was a hint of crust under the fresh stuff. Great fun on the last day of the season.

This has been one of the best seasons I have ever experienced in Scotland. Glencoe in particular, being my preferred destination on all but one trip this season. The ski area did themselves proud keeping all lifts running throughout. I remember years in the past where you could spend quite a while hanging from a T-bar or chairlift.

All Scotland’s areas are now officially closed for the season, even though Coe in particular could probably have usable snow right into June. Maybe a hiking trip could see us getting more real snow time yet.

I say ‘real’ because rather ironically Scotland’s first indoor snowslope at Xscape near Glasgow has now opened during the best season for a long time. How this will be received, we’ll wait and see.