Day 3: 2019

Glencoe Mountain Resort

Sooooo… After a week of hell for the resorts, with plenty of snow but an abundance of heavy winds meaning they just couldn’t open, everything came good for the weekend. Winds dropped and fresh snow fell.

Everything will be all white

I’d decided to drive up on Friday night as snow was forecast in the morning and expected to fall all day Saturday.

I’ve been loaded with the cold but even a night sleeping in the car wasn’t going to put me off. Nor did it put off anyone else by the looks of the carpark when I arrived. There were more cars overnighting than I think I have seen before. The road and the carpark was clear of snow as I drifted off for the night.

Glencoe car park

By the time I woke (after 8), the carpark was white, and being cleared for the rest of the visitors. It never did get that busy though, maybe due to the rugby or the snow. Either way, a good day was in store.

Conditions on the hill

I met friends in the cafe before we made our way up the access chair. It was looking pretty white, but the Dark Side still has a way to go. Down by the fence line looked doable. Taking the Plateau Poma, I could feel the snow felt great. Visibility would be an issue, but no complaints about the sliding.

Access chairlift at Glencoe

We did a few warm up laps of Mugs Alley, by first of this season. All sharks (rocks) have a good covering so nothing to worry about there. Taking the fence line down to the Cliffy was deep and powdery.

Cliffy chairlift

Up top in Main Basin, we had to go full ‘Jedi’ and use the force. Turns felt nice, but on the odd occasion, sensory deprivation meant a wee tumble wasn’t far. Cutting into Ski Tow Gully was once again one of the runs of the day. Although you still cant see much, following the tows down means you could take advantage of a great powder run that no-one else was using.

top of main basin

After another lap of Main Basin we scooted over to Happy Vally. Still nothing to see and it was firm with a bit of ice. However continuing down onto the wall was worth it. Even low down below the face there were freshies to be had.

One of my favourites was a short dash under the Cliffy. The rocks either side allow you to keep your bearings and the powder as it flattens out was amazing.

For the best chance of seeing anything, it paid to say low, so a few more laps of Mugs Alley and even the odd cruise down Rankin’s (especially along the fence line), even the Bunny Run made up the rest of my day.

I didn’t get over to the Spring Run and the Flypaper remains closed due to the tons of snow. It didn’t stop snowing all day and only just now as I finish writing this, up the top of the access lift looks like its clearing at last. Tomorrow looks brighter and its going to be a race in the morning! See you there.

red bull
Car park run at Glencoe
Towards Glencoe itself