Mayrhofen 2007

A week long trip to the Zillertal Valley. We stayed on the outskirts of Mayrhofen with short bus rides to the access lifts. Europe had a blight of snow and I was concerned, but the full area was open and we had little to worry about. The weather wasn’t the best but that didn’t stop us. I’m also glad to say my torn calf wasn’t tested too much and riding felt fine.

Nightlife was typical with lots of Eurobeat thumping out of the Apres Ski clubs which is why we found ourselves gravitating toward the Gasthof Neupost, which we dubbed the “Swingers Bar” due to the rather amourous older folk who frequented the place. Average age was about 80, but they were all still up for it.

Good days riding was had even after a few very boozy nights (Except our afternoon at the Hintertux Glacier, where I think all of our performances were compromised). However the new alternative has to be our new style Vodka party which was the result of all bars being closed and trying to tell ourselves the water being distributed from my hydration pack is infact alcohol! This results in feeling great in the morning after having had a very enjoyable night!

The best wipe-out of the trip below. (Check out the following 2 clips, showing other angles)

Deirdre’s phone clip of the same incident.

Bev’s camera clip, revealing the truth.