MegaGear Screen Protector review

I was looking for a 3 inch protector for the screen of my new Canon PowerShot G16. I’ve been using the GGS protectors on my Canon EOS 7D to great effect and thought I’d give another brand a go. The MegaGear protector sounded equally capable so I ordered through Amazon.
Delivery from Amazon was prompt, next day. It arrived well packaged and in a CD type jewel case. It comprises of 2 parts. The main 3 inch panel and the smaller rectangular panel for DSLR Top panels.
However I shall not be using it on my G16. I had noticed a different coloured edge on the Amazon page, however what I didn’t realise was that it was metallic silver.
This silver edge when layer over the camera’s screen appears very distracting. Maybe it’s because I’m a graphic designer and find the aesthetics of the camera pleasing, but it’s hard to deny the flash of silver detracts from the image on the rear viewer.
So I cannot attest to the durability and strength of the screens as I won’t be using them, other than a spare for emergencies.
One plus point is it does come with a microfibre cleaning cloth. If you do have a camera with metallic details, maybe the MegaGear Screen Protector is for you, but I’m trying to decide whether to use a screen protector with this camera or without, or order the GGS Protector instead.

Amazon Description
1 X MegaGear LCD Optical Screen Protector For New Model Canon G15, Canon G16 Screen Protector

Item Subtotal: £14.99
Delivery & Handling: £3.99
Total: £18.98




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  1. Well I ordered a GGS screen protector from Amazon and this too came with a silver border. It looked a bit better, so I tried it on my G16. It was too narrow. In the end I ditched both glass protectors (which I really wanted). I have now gone down the route of a temporary ScreenGUARD by Guarmore. You get 3 in a pack which will do for my trip.
    GGS Screen Protector

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