Tony Wilson at The Arches

Me and Tony Wilson

Saturday night saw Norm, Bob and myself watching Digital (Joy Division/New Order cover band) and the legend that is Mr Anthony H Wilson (DJ-ing) at The Arches in Glasgow. Earlier support band sounded good and loud but I can’t remember what they were called. Rumours abounded that Tony was playing his DJ set in 20 minutes, this proved to be untrue and we found ourselves stoating about inside the empty venue in which he was due to play. This meant we missed Digital coming on. We soon realised the growing crowd was congregating around something and eventually we too shuffled through to the other ‘arch’.

Now! I’ve always been dubious about so-called ‘tribute/cover’ bands. But my inquisitive nature, and having never seen J D in the flesh meant I had to see them. I knew I’d be critical but I did actually enjoy bouncing around to J D tracks I’d never heard played live. The singer was a bit weak, not sounding particularly like Ian Curtis or Bernard Albrecht (as he probably thought of himself) & the Bass/Peter Hook guy was a real tosser by the look of things. The music itself was fun though.

After Digital, the DJ set by Tony Wilson started. Mostly full of ageing Factory-philes like myself. As was kind of expected he pretty much stuck to a greatest hits of the Haçienda days, although not exclusively Factory by any means. He even played some Stone Roses!

Norm didn’t quite enjoy the old geezer playing his own record collection on stage and left early. Bob and myself however stuck it out till the end – 3 a.m.

Bob did manage to add a great name to his list of camera-phone piccies of him with celebrities. I got in there too for a little memento. I’m not sure if it tops Leo Sayer but definitely a keeper. As soon as we work out how to get the pics off the phone, we’ll have them here.

On the listings promoting the event it said revellers could win a Peter Saville designed badge. Posters at the event however informed us that they were not ready on time. No doubt a deliberate nod to the notoriously tardy graphic designer from the start.