Day 12 splitboarding at Glencoe

No uplift at Glencoe other than the access chair. There had been no snow for a long time and what was there on the upper mountain was bomber, boilerplate ice.

I hiked up most of the way and partially up Etive Glades before crossing Happy Valley to the bottom of Main Basin.

I even managed to bend my ski crampons bent on the impenetrable ice, not so much that I couldn’t use them but it proved hard work to traverse my way across the slope.

Icy ski slope
Looking up Main Basin
View towards Rannoch Moor
Coping with the ice

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was so desperate to go snowboarding, I gave little thought to the experience I would have on the downhill.

The ice continues
Views over the back

My turns down Main Basin were jarring, rattling the teeth from my head. It was all still worth the little adventure however.

Not a lot to write about as this was truly an act of desperation.

Looking lonely on the way back down
Arbor Splitboard