Dry Ice

Day 7 at Glencoe Mountain Resort was fair, dry and icy.

I had hoped to get up to Coe on Saturday, but the wind dictated otherwise. Instead I’d watch the rugby in the pub which turned out great for Scotland, not so much England.

Anyway Sunday at Glencoe Mountain looked much better with light winds and a possibility of some brightness.
The sky was pink as the sunrise followed the car up Loch Lomond. Maybe yesterday’s weather had dampens spirits as the car park on arrival was pretty empty.

Frigid summit views

On the mountain, a walk was needed to cross the Plateau to the Cliffhanger chairlift, then up to Main Basin and Happy Vally for the only 2 runs really available. The Spring Run was open but I’ll leave that till later.

The Rescue Hut.
The sun tries to poke through.
Heading to Happy Valley.

Happy Valley was pisted and I got a partial corduroy run before it reverted to the original state it shared with Main Basin. Firm and noisy with narrow choke points before returning to the rescue hut.
This was still better than what other ski areas were offering. I spoke to a few who were at Coe for their first visit.

A few folk resting, maybe not used to the t-bar up top.

There were also a few beginners who tried their best up top since there was no learners area available. Unfortunately on one occasion an individual seemed to think the t-bar should be stopped for them every time they fell off! Soon there was a rouge snowboard zooming down the up track. It came to rest at the feet of a poor skier patiently waiting for the ski lift to start moving again. I filled my boots with some crunchy turns in Mainy and Happy Valley then decided my last run would be Spring Run, the first time this season.

A classic Buachaille backdrop.

I walked the summit path and strapped in above the Springy. I slalomed around some rocks onto the face itself which resembled a golf ball, smooth but with pits. Intrusive thoughts had me washing out and taking a long slide on my arse. Fortunately this never came to be. Lower down some winds blown and scraped snow made things a bit softer, before I ran out onto what was left of Mugs Alley and the walk down to the Access chair.


There is no getting away from the fact that we desperately need new snow. The weather was fair with high grey cloud and temperatures were cool so the snow that is there will stay put. Conditions were hard in what snow was available, but still a good day. Everyone needs to get their snow dance on!

Looking upon the lower mountain.